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Specialty Woodworking

143 Iredell Ave. • Troutman, NC 28166
Phone: (704) 761-0150 • Fax: (704) 761-0111
Production Manager: Tim Shoemaker

Our specialty woodworking is located in Troutman, NC with a total of 17,056 sq. ft. of available work and storage space, with which to perform the various jobs and to store lumber. We have a variety of machinery including, but not limited to: Saws, Drills, Air hammers, Strapping machines, Scales, Nail guns, Pencil pointing machine, Jointer, Shrink tunnels, and an L Sealer.

We offer the following types of services:

  • Assembly
  • Collating
  • Fulfillment
  • Land Surveying Stakes
  • Shrink Tunnels
  • Packaging
  • Panel Cutting
  • Pallets
  • *Furniture

*LS Solutions, LLC owns and operates, Just Plain Country Primitive Reproduction Furniture. www.justplaincountry.com

At LS Solutions specialty wood, we strive to always meet our customer's expectations with low production runs, maintaining the highest quality in woodworking, and to provide our customer's with a quick turnaround.